Comic submitted for the ICCA - International Children's Artist Awards at BICOF-2014

Theme: Guardians. 


One reason for Michael's interest in penicillin is that he was prescribed a course of antibiotics to combat an infected cut, when he grazed his leg during a school sport session. Michael worked out that penicillin was not available in the form of a pill until a long time after Sir Alexander Fleming first discovered the impact of the Penicillium fungi on bacteria growing in a petri dish. Though, the choice of the year 1940 in his comic was too early and incorrect.

Since creating the comic he has learnt more about antibiotics and watched the film 'Breaking the Mould' which tells the story of Sir Howard Florey, Ernst Chain, Sir Alexander Fleming and others in the development of penicillin as a drug. 

Sir Howard Florey, Ernst Chain, Sir Alexander Fleming were awarded the Noble Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1945.

Recent article on the action of penicillin - April 2019.

Michael's 'Protection Against Infection' comic featured in Education Today issue 5 (2014) as a two page pull-out.



Comic submitted for the ICCA - International Children's Artist Awards at BICOF-2013. 

Theme: Hush! It's a secret.


Comic submitted for the ICCA - International Children's Artist Awards at BICOF-2012 

Theme: The Village where I live. 

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