Some people have whispered that Spacecat is no more.  Stories have been heard that he came to a 'sticky end'.

Can these stories be true?

The end of Spacecat ......

1.  Has he been sucked into a black-hole?

2.  Was he swallowed by an alien?

3.  Can he survive being stranded on a dessert planet?

4.  How can he come back from being half-eaten by a flesh-eating swimming-thing on asteroid X3B?

5.  Will he be stomped flat by a huge angry alien beast from the outer rim?

6.  Can he remedy the Space Mummy's Curse?

7.  Who would have thought, a flying thing!

8.  Some times it is the quiet moments you need to fear the most.

9.  You also need to be mindful of distractions.

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